Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 16 - Alma, Pyramids, and Bednar


Visiting the Temple with Our Investigators 

Our Little Monkey

Snow on Popo

The Pyramids

Sorry, for not writing for so long!  Mother’s Day was awesome and it was fun getting to see/talk to the fam.  Sometimes it’s weird to think that Vegas still exists and America, haha.

Wonderful things have happened!  Alma was baptized!!!  The service was sweet.  She came out of the water and hugged us and was crying.  One of our investigators said the opening prayer.  She had a fiesta afterwards.  It was a great day!

Elder Bednar really did come to visit.  He kept saying, “You should hear things today that are not said.”  He was super nice to the sisters.  He said that men do 99 things terrible and 1 thing “alright” and then they pound on their chest and say, “yeah!”  But women do 99 things perfectly and 1 thing “just normal” and they’re like, “Oh, what have I done!”  He told the sisters that we are beating ourselves up too much.  We need to be a little better than we were the day before and that is enough. In the scriptures, Jesus asks us to be perfect, but the Latin root of perfect is complete.

We went to the PYRAMIDS!!!  There are 3.  The sun, moon, and stars.  We had a tour guide who was a return missionary so he gave us the “low down” of spiritual secrets.  It was positively cool.  But we will save the secrets of the temples for another day.

Hermana Cox

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