Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 61 - 67 – It’s Been A Long Time

A few months ago, Courtney’s mission underwent boundary changes.  It is our understanding from her emails that she has been busy moving every six weeks and opening new areas.  Her emails have been brief, but here is a quick update.  Thank you for continuing to write and support her!

 3/14 – Summary:  She said, “We enjoyed our multi-zone conference this week.  I am really excited that Ernesto, from our last area was baptized and that President Crickmore gave us permission to attend the baptism.  It was beautiful.”

 3/21 and 3/28 – Summary:  We spent a small amount of time trying to figure out her classes for Fall when she returns to BYU.  We want to thank her friend, Lauren Bowler, for helping her get everything dialed in for the Fall!

 4/4 – Summary:  Courtney says, “With the new training and opening new areas, I really haven’t had time to do anything.  I did love Conference though.  It was so nice just to hear the voices of the prophets and apostles and know that they are of God.”  She further said that she was not going to transfer this week, but was going to train a new missionary.  She said she enjoyed opening areas but is looking forward to staying in one place and training.

 Hermana Ramos from Monterrey, Mexico.   “She is super cute.”

4/11 - Summary:  We asked her about her new companion that she is training.  She says, “We are doing very well.  We are getting to know our new area very well, too.  We are finding more and more people to teach.  We have one investigator who is really ready for baptism but her boyfriend does not want to get married.  We fasted for her and asked her to fast with us.  When we met her for her lesson, she said she fasted for the first time and she is already seeing changes in her boyfriend.  We also had two less active members attend church this week.  One of them served a mission.  He has not been to church for a while and his wife is not a member of the church.  We are hoping he will set a good example for her.  We went exploring in some of the little towns this week.  Some of them are an hour away.  I asked these two random people when we left our apartment if they knew where the town was and they were going to the same town!  They showed us where all the colonies are and even helped us find the house we were looking for, it was a miracle!  We have seen a miracle every day this week.”  I also asked her to give me a fun fact for the week, and she says, “A member is making us special shampoo made with herbs from her garden!”