Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Weeks 47-50 Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano

Chalco Mission
Hermana Blanco(Peru), Me, & Hermano Martinez (Ward Mission Leader)

Christmas Night at Hermano Martinez's
I taught everyone how to play Uno, American Style or how the Johnson Family plays (lightning speed).
They loved it!

Here, they celebrate New Years by having big dinners and they dance and light fireworks all night.  I was able to play bball for a couple hours and then we ate a huge dinner with the family of our mission leader.  Today, we played bball in a real gym with like 30 jovenes and elders.  It was good to play on a real court.  We had to say goodbye to our investigators.  I have changes coming.  They are closing Tecalco.  The members are great and they will be able to do the work on their own !!   We have one that we have been teaching and she started crying and it was hard. She was the one that said she had to go to the mountain to pray. Her prayers are the most sincere things I have ever heard. Its like she is sitting in the presence of God when she says them. She hasn't received an answer yet, but she is definitely looking for the truth and I know she will find it. I am going to Cuatla with an American companion and I am still a training leader. The areas of the mission have changed and I will be opening this new area.  It is suppose to be a really great city.  Love you !! 

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