Monday, June 27, 2016

Final Week

Really Bad Cold

President & Hermana Crickmore

We apologize for the lack of updates for Hermana Cox.  She has been extremely busy and we only get a sentence or two most weeks as to how she is doing.  

Courtney has spent the last two months in the town of Ozumba and will finish her mission there. It is a town of about 25,000.  She is again near "Popo", the huge volcano. She is 40 miles southeast of Mexico City.  She is in the high elevations again, similar to earlier in her mission.  The weather is much cooler this time of year.  We have included a picture which will illustrate the change in temperature and being under the weather!  She has continued to train other missionaries while in Ozumba but this was the last new area she will assist in opening on her mission.  

Here are a couple of stories/thoughts from Courtney over the past month ...

1) Regarding Ozumba, she says, "It's really cool.  It's a little hard to find places because the houses have no numbers on them.  This reminds me of Eastland and it rains a lot."

2) We found a less active sister who has 4 boys and the oldest can go on a mission in two years. When I told them we were going to read a scripture they all ran to the bookshelf and said what page,  what page, and when we told them they can invite their friends to church the littlest one jumped up with his fists in the air and said yes!!!! The oldest has been trying to help his mom come back to church but they have a lot of obstacles.  I wish I could have taken a picture of his face when we came to his house. I think he was grateful. We will see them again this week.

3) I really do love the people here, that is something that I will never lack is love for this people. Yesterday, I was throwing up all morning, I think I threw up like 6 or 7 times. I think it’s because I drank milk that was bad. It wasn't past the expiration date but my compa said it tasted bad. I hate being sick on the mission, but I am feeling better. This week, we had a sick lesson with an investigator.  We met him on the street and he showed us where his house was and asked us to come back the next day. When we came back, the first thing he asked was where was church and at what time. He has passed through a lot of trials in his life and he wants to repent. He was crying as he told us about what he had gone through and my compa and I cried with him. He is very prepared and we are super excited to teach him. This week, we did a contacting activity with the zone and they split us up with different companions. When I got back with my daughter(a sister she previously trained), she said "I contacted just like you did and they accepted!"  It was really cute and it made my little mom heart happy. 

We have included some recent pictures and a video!

Courtney arrives home on Tuesday, July 5th.  Her homecoming (and Dallin's farewell - Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission) will both be on Sunday, July 10th @ 11:00 am at the Guilford Building (1525 Guilford, Henderson, Nevada 89014 - behind Green Valley High School next to the baseball fields).  We would love to see you there!

We are grateful for you taking time and effort to support Courtney!

The Cox's