Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 3

Week 3 – Ah !  I Forgot My Rowboat
I was talking to one of the Latinos earlier this week when I told him my mission was in Chalco. He said, “Did you bring your rowboat?” (In Spanish).  Apparently, it rains quite a bit there.  My companion and I accompanied a bus load of elders to Mexico City to renew our VISAS.  It was quite the adventure. We drove by some sweet buildings and monuments, I would love to go back and visit someday.  The air smells terrible !!  But I am getting use to it.  The CCM is gorgeous.  It’s like living on a little island.  Although it is a little paradise, what goes on outside the CCM cannot be controlled.  We see random fires in the mountains daily, become accustomed to sirens as the background noise to all of our classes/meetings, and hear American music from the many fiestas.  You know the mini palm trees we have in our front yard?  They have some here.  My companion just discovered them.  She said, “Is that a pineapple bush?”  Haha, it was awesome.  She’s from Alpine, Utah, so such concepts are very new.  But honestly, Hermana Anderson and I are best friends.  I love her lots.  Our free time is spent harmonizing and laughing about awkward situations.  This week we had our first TRC, which is when members of the church volunteer to come to the CCM and be taught by the missionaries.  We help them with things they are struggling with and offer advice.  We talked with a sweet older lady about families being together forever and our teacher told us she started crying after we left.  The sweet lady said she wanted to “be like us” and have a strong testimony.  It was the cutest.  I love you !!
Hermana Cox

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