Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 34 & 35 - El Oro Ha Llegado

 Our Investigators

This week was a week of miracles for us.  First, we went to the temple with an investigator and two less active members to see the visitor’s center.  They are all women and none of them are married.  When we got there, my companion was like “look!”  In front of the temple at 4 o’clock on a Tuesday were a bride and her family taking pictures on the front temple steps.  I was like “Let’s Go!”  We ran the hermanas over there and they were all like “Ahhhhh!” They started asking questions about what they needed to do to enter the temple and were super motivated to start the process. 

The second miracle is that we went to a multi-zone meeting in Amecameca.  We had enough money to get there, but we honestly didn’t have enough money to get back. Ha-ha. We honestly didn’t know which combi (mini bus) to ride and a bunch of them were passing by.  Finally, we decided to take one that said Chalco.  When it got close to time to pay, we asked the driver how much it would be (you can’t see the driver in combi's – there’s like a black caged window and you talk to him through a little hole).  The driver was like “nothing, hermanas.”  We were like “what?”  He said, “No hermanas.”  “I’m the hermano that just spoke in your meeting.”  “Don’t worry, I will take you where you need to go.”  We had some Elders with us and they were like “how did you expect to get home if you didn’t have money?”  We were like, “well, the Lord will provide.”  Turns out he did!

The third miracle is that one of my investigators from San Pedro is getting baptized!  She is the one that could not hear, talk, or read.  Wow, I am so happy for their family.  I wanted to go to the baptism, but it’s super far away and we wouldn’t have gotten back before curfew.

The fourth miracle is that the other night we were returning back to our house and we were hungry.  We had 5 pesos, so we thought we would stop at this bread shop and buy sweet bread or something.  So we picked one out, and when we went to pay, the lady said, “take it.”  We were like, “we can’t just take it!”  She said, “I’m not a Mormon, but my husband is. Just take it.”  We were really grateful!

The fifth miracle occurred when a man contacted us in the street a few weeks ago.  We weren’t able to visit him until just a few days ago.  He is literally the definition of a golden investigator.  He told us he wants to be closer to God.  He’s studied our religion and it’s clear that the church has had a lot of success, so God must be with us.  We talked to him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, the two hardest things for people to accept – and he was like, “Well, everyone believes in something, right?”  He said that it was a blessing to have the missionaries in his home and he felt a lot of peace.  He cried when we asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized, and he said yes.  He is so ready for the gospel.  During the lesson, I kept having this image come to my mind of him in temple clothes.

I have felt true joy many times this week.  The Lord has truly been watching over us.  I am grateful for the miracles that occurred this week.  I am also grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the BEST family and friends in the world.  You guys really are the best, of this I am sure.  I love you!

Hermana Cox

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