Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 33 – SaNtA BaRbArA !! (She lives in Ixtapaluca, Santa Barbara, MX)

We went to see other pyramids in our area with a cute family

This week we went to visit Paola, one of our investigators.  She said that the other night her Mom was questioning her about the church and she started whipping out answers about the Book of Mormon and how after his resurrection, Jesus appeared in the Americas, etc. She said, “I don’t know how, but I started saying things that we learned from the lessons, and things I had never heard before.”  We shared with her John 14:26, about how the Holy Ghost reminds us of those things we have learned.  She said she is happy because she has found real “tranquility” or peace and she said she knows it doesn’t come from napping or watching TV.  It comes from learning more about God.

We are visiting with family right now that is super awesome.  The daughter is 16 and super pretty.  My comp and I have been visiting a lot with her and her Mom.  Monse (the daughter) loves English, so we practice together, she’s way cute.

Yesterday was the rededication of the temple in Mexico.  Elder Eyring and Elder Holland came and we got to watch it for television.  Elder Holland said that we should be precisely where the Lord wants us to be – and the Lord wants us to be in the temple.  In respect to family history work he said “we promised our parents we would not forget them” and “I will keep the promises I made.”  Elder Eyring said that the temple is a place of illumination.  He said, “You will receive answers for the very things of which you have prayed.”  He also said, “Answers will also come to the questions that we have not been wise or humble enough to ask.”  I loved that part.

“We build temples so that the Son of God will have a place to manifest himself unto his people.”

I love the temple.  Our zone has an appointment to go at the end of October.  I was able to assist the open house five times.  I can’t wait to go back.  I testify that the temple is “la casa del senor.” 

Love, Hermana Cox

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