Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 8 – Chiclets

“I want every child to feel like they are the most important priority to their parents.” This is a quote from the Women’s General Conference that I really liked.  Kids have a soft spot in my heart, and I wish that there were more parents willing to fulfill their role (my parents are awesome). It was also said that children need to know that “they have the power to do anything they can imagine” and “home is a place second-only to the temple.”

This week we attended a volcano emergency preparedness meeting…and I was happy to find that Chiclets were on the list of items needed for our emergency backpack.  We also had to explain to a lady why my skin is white. She said if I lived in Las Vegas, and it’s really hot there, then the sun should have turned my skin dark like hers.  I think both parties were a little confused.  There are a lot of people here that like to learn English words, so I teach them “obvi.” It’s great!  At a lunch appointment this week, I told the sister her food was delicious and she replied, “obvi!”

We have some awesome investigators.  One of them has a miracle story to tell us every time we come to visit her about how her daughter had a high fever, so she prayed and it went away or paid tithing and ended up with enough money to buy the things she needed.  She has great faith!

Conference is this weekend!!! One great blessing of conference is that we can receive answers to our personal questions.  I challenge you to think of a question or something that has been troubling you and listen for the Lord to give you personal revelation through his servants.  I LOVE YOU!  Hermana Cox

Sister Escorts Us Home During Storm

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 7 – San Pedro

Como han estado?  I am still living.  When President and Sister Crickmore came to pick us up from the CCM, all the Elders from our zone came to see us off.  Sister Crickmore looked at me and then she turned to the Elders and said, “she whooped you in basketball, didn’t she?”  Haha.  She’s awesome.  This week I have been camping out in my first area.  And by camping out I mean we don’t have running water …. I’ve become a pro at bucket carrying.  I’m actually featured in the picture to the left (below).  So San Pedro is the closest area to the volcanoes.  They are HUGE and sometimes they smoke.  This area is gorgeous.  We are surrounded by fields and mountains.  The people here are muy amable (friendly).  And the food … let’s just say I’ve gained ten pounds.  My trainer is awesome.  She’s from SLC and her name is Hermana Castillo.  I can’t understand a lot of what people are saying, but every day I understand a little more.  We have some great investigators, and a lot of them came to church this Sunday!  One thing I have learned this week is that families CAN be together forever, but that promise requires work on our part.  Not only do we need to complete the covenants necessary to return to Him, but we need to endure to the end also.  For me, this means family home evening, family prayer, and family scripture study, even if only one verse.  We have visited a lot of homes this week, and we can recognize how diligent they are in these things by how strong we can feel the Spirit when we enter their homes.  I LOVE YOU!  Thank you for your prayers!  

Hermana Cox 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Arrival at the Mexico City Chalco Mission 3/16/15

Dear Parents,

Your sons and daughters are here in the Chalco mission. All are well and we are excited to have them. Thank you for your help with a marvelous group of missionaries.

Presidente y Hermana Crickmore 

Courtney Leaves Missionary Training Center 3/16/15

Courtney’s CCM Instructors

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mexico MTC

Week 5 – EaRtHqUaKeS

 I believe people can have earthquakes exactly where they stand!!  Elder Holland said this in the devotional we watched this week.  He said we need to walk into a home and teach so the earth shakes, and when we leave, the husband will turn to his wife and say, “who were those two?”  He said for anyone interested in missionary work, in your own way, you can astonish people.   The root of astonish is tundra, meaning thunder.  “When Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine.”  Matthew 7:28.  We all have the privilege to teach the gospel!  In church, seminary, school, work, b-ball, practice, during family dinner, while in line at the grocery store … SIEMPRE!!  Go out and astonish someone!!

 Well, this is my last week in the CCM.  What I am going to miss most about this learning boot camp/paradise are the teachers.  We have become best friends with them and we know they care about us.  Their patience in our learning and ability to discern our needs has been fun to observe.  Their life stories and advice to follow our dreams are close to my heart.  Hermana Ramirez, Hermano Beltran, Hermano Sanz, Hermano Calletano … I love them and can’t wait to speak fluent Spanish with them!!

 I’ve had some fun experiences this week.  Yesterday, we had a HUGE hailstorm!!  I was so happy!!  The hail looked like snow on the ground.  I miraculously beat my zone in “knock-out.”  My companion and I overheard an Elder saying, “If I don’t talk like a carrot, I won’t be a carrot.”  He is right.  We played MAFIA again this week.  It’s so funny because Hermano Sanz takes it so seriously.  This week with his hand over this heart he said, “I will avenge your death.”  I’m sure that next week will be a fun email …   Chalco, here I come !!  I love you !! 

 XOXO, Hermana Cox

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 4 - The Cat's Pajamas

One of my Spanish teachers, Hermano Calletano, loves to learn English slang.  He says things like "obvi" and "that's the cat's pajamas."  So, we taught him some new words this week and he was so excited.  He now says, "cray cray",  "RN", "SLC", "P-Town", "Lets kick it", "Chillas", and "Don't have a cow, man!"  He was really confused about the last one - he was like "A Cowman?"  What is that ??  We were able to play MAFIA this week because one of the districts in our zone was leaving.  Our teacher, Hermano Sanz, was so funny.  He whispered to me, "Does it make sense in English to say 'Goodbye Cruel World?'"  Haha so he kept saying that and saying "I am so muerte (dead)" in his little Spanish accent.  My companion and I were made the sister training leaders for our zone this week.  We were teaching a lesson to a fake investigator outside the other day, and I was attacked by birds and bugs.  I didn't think that was really funny, but they were laughing so hard we had to pause the lesson.  Anyways, I wanted to share some thoughts I have had during scripture study this week.  Those who diligently seek The Lord have the mysteries of God unfolded unto them.  Sometimes, we have things we want from The Lord right now, such as an answer, a blessing, a feeling, a friend, a success, comfort, or healing.  But we have to remember that The Lord has a wise purpose for everything, and sometimes we won't know what that purpose is (1 Nephi 9:15).  These tender mercies most often will never come the first time we pray or read the Book of Mormon because The Lord cares enough about us to let us wait.  Waiting is the worst, but it requires us to diligently seek Him, and then understand and be grateful for that blessing The Lord gives us after hundreds of prayers and hours of meditation and searching.  I don't remember many of the experiences I have had when The Lord gave me an answer right away, but I can recall in detail almost every experience where The Lord let me wait before he provided a blessing or answer.  And those are the experiences that come to mind as I bear my testimony or talk with investigators.  When I'm wondering where The Lord is and why his help seems distant, it doesn't take me long to remember that the best blessings come to those who wait. I love you!  
Hermana Cox