Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week - 56 Lessons Learned

Today I complete one year in the mission. It's interesting to think that I have lived in Mexico for one year! Everyday I discover new things about the gospel, myself, and my relationship with God. I am not a perfect missionary or a perfect person. But I think the Lord loves me enough to allow me to pass through this refining process, that will last the rest of my life. It is good we have the Atonement, so we can change, become new again, and know we are never alone in the process. I have been reflecting on the experiences I have had this past year. A few of the things I have learned:

The Book of Mormon answers the questions/doubts of the heart, God speaks to his children in dreams, love is a language, those that have the least give the most, little children pray for the weakness and sins of their parents, God is found in quiet places, the heavens cry with us, priesthood power is stronger than Satan's power, when we change our focus from worldly consequences to eternal consequences – God sends miracles, the traditions of our fathers should not always be trusted, someone on their phone during the sacrament does not understand Christ's Atonement, covenants change countenances, when it rains it pours, chosen leaders act on revelation-not convenience, obedience earns respect, the Lord knows what we can handle, goodbyes are hard-but we they are not forever, the blessings come after we endure hard things, the Lord prepares hearts, looks are deceiving, virtue loveth virtue and light cleaveth unto light, the Lord entrusts souls unto those he can trust, the amount of unity in a companionship, relationship or family determines the magnitude of the spirit in a companionship, relationship, or family, if you don't live the law of chastity your relationship will not function, gifts of the Spirit do exist, the mysteries of God are unfolded to those who ponder, in a progressing marriage – there must be found two principles - mercy and justice - and they must be governed equally, we have to fight for the things we love, the Lord hears the cries of his daughters, there are always signs, the temple can change the life of a family, counting our blessings leads to important understanding, Satan understands our weaknesses – and that is something we must always remember, priesthood blessings are words God has been waiting to tell you, heartfelt testimonies touch hearts and leave lasting impacts, forgiveness is difficult-but it's not a choice, in our preparation to be Gods & Goddesses we must learn self reliance.

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