Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 4 - The Cat's Pajamas

One of my Spanish teachers, Hermano Calletano, loves to learn English slang.  He says things like "obvi" and "that's the cat's pajamas."  So, we taught him some new words this week and he was so excited.  He now says, "cray cray",  "RN", "SLC", "P-Town", "Lets kick it", "Chillas", and "Don't have a cow, man!"  He was really confused about the last one - he was like "A Cowman?"  What is that ??  We were able to play MAFIA this week because one of the districts in our zone was leaving.  Our teacher, Hermano Sanz, was so funny.  He whispered to me, "Does it make sense in English to say 'Goodbye Cruel World?'"  Haha so he kept saying that and saying "I am so muerte (dead)" in his little Spanish accent.  My companion and I were made the sister training leaders for our zone this week.  We were teaching a lesson to a fake investigator outside the other day, and I was attacked by birds and bugs.  I didn't think that was really funny, but they were laughing so hard we had to pause the lesson.  Anyways, I wanted to share some thoughts I have had during scripture study this week.  Those who diligently seek The Lord have the mysteries of God unfolded unto them.  Sometimes, we have things we want from The Lord right now, such as an answer, a blessing, a feeling, a friend, a success, comfort, or healing.  But we have to remember that The Lord has a wise purpose for everything, and sometimes we won't know what that purpose is (1 Nephi 9:15).  These tender mercies most often will never come the first time we pray or read the Book of Mormon because The Lord cares enough about us to let us wait.  Waiting is the worst, but it requires us to diligently seek Him, and then understand and be grateful for that blessing The Lord gives us after hundreds of prayers and hours of meditation and searching.  I don't remember many of the experiences I have had when The Lord gave me an answer right away, but I can recall in detail almost every experience where The Lord let me wait before he provided a blessing or answer.  And those are the experiences that come to mind as I bear my testimony or talk with investigators.  When I'm wondering where The Lord is and why his help seems distant, it doesn't take me long to remember that the best blessings come to those who wait. I love you!  
Hermana Cox 

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