Thursday, March 12, 2015

Week 5 – EaRtHqUaKeS

 I believe people can have earthquakes exactly where they stand!!  Elder Holland said this in the devotional we watched this week.  He said we need to walk into a home and teach so the earth shakes, and when we leave, the husband will turn to his wife and say, “who were those two?”  He said for anyone interested in missionary work, in your own way, you can astonish people.   The root of astonish is tundra, meaning thunder.  “When Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine.”  Matthew 7:28.  We all have the privilege to teach the gospel!  In church, seminary, school, work, b-ball, practice, during family dinner, while in line at the grocery store … SIEMPRE!!  Go out and astonish someone!!

 Well, this is my last week in the CCM.  What I am going to miss most about this learning boot camp/paradise are the teachers.  We have become best friends with them and we know they care about us.  Their patience in our learning and ability to discern our needs has been fun to observe.  Their life stories and advice to follow our dreams are close to my heart.  Hermana Ramirez, Hermano Beltran, Hermano Sanz, Hermano Calletano … I love them and can’t wait to speak fluent Spanish with them!!

 I’ve had some fun experiences this week.  Yesterday, we had a HUGE hailstorm!!  I was so happy!!  The hail looked like snow on the ground.  I miraculously beat my zone in “knock-out.”  My companion and I overheard an Elder saying, “If I don’t talk like a carrot, I won’t be a carrot.”  He is right.  We played MAFIA again this week.  It’s so funny because Hermano Sanz takes it so seriously.  This week with his hand over this heart he said, “I will avenge your death.”  I’m sure that next week will be a fun email …   Chalco, here I come !!  I love you !! 

 XOXO, Hermana Cox

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