Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 8 – Chiclets

“I want every child to feel like they are the most important priority to their parents.” This is a quote from the Women’s General Conference that I really liked.  Kids have a soft spot in my heart, and I wish that there were more parents willing to fulfill their role (my parents are awesome). It was also said that children need to know that “they have the power to do anything they can imagine” and “home is a place second-only to the temple.”

This week we attended a volcano emergency preparedness meeting…and I was happy to find that Chiclets were on the list of items needed for our emergency backpack.  We also had to explain to a lady why my skin is white. She said if I lived in Las Vegas, and it’s really hot there, then the sun should have turned my skin dark like hers.  I think both parties were a little confused.  There are a lot of people here that like to learn English words, so I teach them “obvi.” It’s great!  At a lunch appointment this week, I told the sister her food was delicious and she replied, “obvi!”

We have some awesome investigators.  One of them has a miracle story to tell us every time we come to visit her about how her daughter had a high fever, so she prayed and it went away or paid tithing and ended up with enough money to buy the things she needed.  She has great faith!

Conference is this weekend!!! One great blessing of conference is that we can receive answers to our personal questions.  I challenge you to think of a question or something that has been troubling you and listen for the Lord to give you personal revelation through his servants.  I LOVE YOU!  Hermana Cox

Sister Escorts Us Home During Storm

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