Tuesday, November 10, 2015


My Little Friend

Navidad is Coming!

This week, I completed half of my mission.  The time has really gone by fast, but I am happy.  I have nine months left !!  This week, I have felt really good in my health.  My companion and I were having some weird symptoms and so we took some medicine that cleans the beetles out of your stomach.  We have felt a lot better !! 

This week we had to play “Ghostbusters” again.  Last week, we went on a visit and I felt that something was weird in the house.  I felt physically sick and I said we were going to bring the Elders over at the next visit.  When we came this week, this person started talking about a few things that they had seen and the Elders blessed the house.  After the blessing, I felt a lot better. 

My companion and I want to make t-shirts that say “Amo la lay de castidad.”  On the back, we would put the scripture Hebrews 13:4.  When people wonder why they have problems in their relationships, it is almost always dealing with these four words … the law of castidad.  Law does not mean option.  The commandments are not options !!   

Les amo … Hermana Cox

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