Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weeks 39-42 “HELLO NOVEMBER"

Hermana Cervantes: “Hermana, I know why you have a tall body.”
Hermana Cox: “Why?”
Hermana Cervantes: “So that you can hug more people!!”

In front of a house we have never visited before …
Hermana Cox: “I wonder if they speak English?”
Hermana Cervantes: “Why?”
Hermana Cox: “Because the sign on the door says ‘Pumpkin Friends’”

Later in the day, we are contacting and a lady rejects our invitation.
Hermana Cervantes: “She is not a pumpkin friend.”

We were able to go to the Mexico City Temple this week and I did a session in Spanish !!  It was a really spiritual experience to go to the temple as a missionary and apply the things I have learned here.  I can’t wait to go more frequently when I get home.
We had interviews with President Crickmore this week.  I always love talking with him.  He is humble and he loves us.  I also was able to talk to Hermana Crickmore.  She caught me up on all the latest sports updates.  It looks like the Utes have dropped a few positions and the Aztecs have an impressive starting lineup in bball this season.

This week, I have had a quote by President Ezra Taft Benson rolling around in my mind.  It is in Spanish, but it basically says that God gives us general guidelines.  However, he wants us to figure out the details for ourselves.  The more the Lord has to command us, the less blessings we will receive.  The people that have progressed the least spiritually are the people that need to be commanded in many aspects.

I’ve been thinking maybe the reason why God doesn’t want to command us in all things and that we do many things of our own free will is because he wants us to become like Him.  He wants us to become Gods.  I would imagine that in order for Gods to have the intelligence and imagination to create worlds and life, they would have to create the rules for themselves and do and create things that never before have existed.  They have to be agents unto themselves.

If you have time this week, please watch the Mormon Message “La Esperanza De La Luz De Dios.”  It should be something like “The Hope of the Light of God.” 

This week is going well here.  We have some investigators that are chosen.  When we taught the Word of Wisdom to one of our investigators, we asked him if he had a problem with any of these things.  He said that he drank and smoked every once in a while.  He also drank coffee pretty often.  We asked him if he could give this up.  He said, “Hermanas, I have to because it is a requisite to be baptized !!”  My companion and I just smiled and said, “Very good, hermano.”

I love being a missionary !!  I love you. 

XOXO,  Hermana Cox

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