Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 21 - Dogs and Cannons

Scaling Wall for Photo of Parade

Parade for the Saint San Pedro

Happy 4th!  I will be dreaming of hot dogs and fireworks this week.  Here, the dogs aren’t edible and the “fireworks” are more like cannons.  This week was fun.  The town had a fiesta for the Saint San Pedro, which means there was ongoing music and cannons shaking our window panels throughout the night.  It also means there were a ton of Catholics, so we contacted like crazy and beat the record in San Pedro with 101 contacts.  My companion and I seemed to run into quite a few barrachos this week.  They prefer to talk to us in English, so I try to make friendly conversation as we walk by.  My companion asked me this week if I knew the barrachos.  I said no.  She thought that was super funny.  It is also funny when she started to understand what they’re saying.  I hand them word of wisdom pamphlets.  It is my favorite thing to do.
On a more spiritual note, we have a baptismal date coming up very soon (2 weeks) for a lady named Salome.  She’s practically blind and lives in a little house made out of wooden planks & cardboard boxes. We love her lots.  She likes going to church and taking the discussions, but she is sad she can’t read the Book of Mormon.
It really makes you reevaluate what your complaints are about in life.  I’m grateful that I have a house with walls and eyes to see.
I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon today, and one day Hermana Salome will too.
I Love You.

Hermana Cox

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