Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 13 - TAKE IT EASY!!

Our Zone Picture

Making Agenda Covers with Hermana Castillo

My dad got mad (exaggeration, just encouraged her to share) at me for not sharing enough about my experiences, so here we go.  On Monday, I received an email from President.  He heard we got 100 contacts that week, which is the record in San Pedro.  Also, Elder Bednar is coming to visit the mission May 15th !!  He sent us some talks to read so we could be prepared for his visit.  Monday was our last district meeting because of changes, so we went to get tacos afterwards.  We spent 400 pesos on tacos and split them between the 7 of us.  They were super yummy !!  I also bought a b-ball and Hermana Castillo and I go to the church in the mornings to exercise.  We had some pretty crazy rain storms this week.  One of our investigators finally received her answer that she needs to get baptized.  She has been seeing the missionaries for awhile.  We put a date with her, but she was super nervous about it.  Then she told us last week that she decided to open up the Book of Mormon to a random page.  She read a verse that talked about baptism.  She said she felt a strong feeling in her heart and she knew it was the right decision to be baptized.  Her name is Alma, which means “soul” in Spanish.  She is so awesome and she has a really strong testimony.  I love her a lot.  We contacted a guy on the street named Ignacio and he told us to call him Nacho.  And my companion and I were like N A C H O O O O !!  We taught English classes this week.  It was hilarious.  We taught animals and one of the ladies pointed to her daughter and said “monkey,” so now the little girl’s nickname is “little monkey.” We also taught them the phrase “take it easy” and out of nowhere one of the ladies yelled, “TAKE IT EASY, YOU’RE CRAZY !!”  I am not sure where she learned it from but it was pretty funny.  I LOVE YOU !!  XOXO, Hermana Cox


The elders this week invited us to go to Sam’s Club.  It was nice of them because we can only travel in groups of four and they had to pull some strings.  I bought cheese, Lucky Charms, a shirt, pita chips, and those dark chocolate acai blueberries.  We also bought pizza, papas (fries), and a soda.  Dad, they were so good !!  I cried !!  It was such a good day, so, so, good.  The best day ever.  I never thought going to a store could bring so much happiness.  It was like home !!

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