Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week 18 - The 3 Niños

     Our 3 niños were baptized!  The service was so awesome!  Their parents showed up, which is great because their Dad is inactive and their Mom is very Catholic!  Our mission president and his wife came and so did 10 other missionaries!  We had a big surprise for the niños and their family.  Their cousin is on a mission, and he Skyped in and gave a talk!  He bore his testimony and talked to them about serving a mission.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Their parents were crying, along with the rest of the family, who is very less active.  The uncle that baptized them said it was his first time baptizing anyone and he had never felt anything so beautiful in his life. 
     After the baptism, all the members lined up against the walls in the hallway, waiting to shake President Crickmore’s hand.  It was like he was the prophet, they were in complete awe.  President drove us to a taco place in Ameca and bought all the missionaries tacos. 
     He was funny.  He never tells missionaries if they have changes before the zone leaders announce it Sunday night.  But after the baptism, we went up and shook his hand and I was like, “Thank you so much for coming President.  It meant so much to us and the members.” And he just looks at us and goes. “Ahh! Fine!  I don’t know how, but you guys always get stuff out of me.  Hermana Castillo – you have changes.  Hermana Cox – you’re staying here and your companion is Latin.”  Ha ha.  Then the other missionaries started asking him and he was like, “You know the rule, don’t ask me again, you’ll find out Sunday.”

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